Rock and Roll Roundup: Episode 1

The past few weeks have seen a number of cool videos, songs, and releases from great artists.  This is where I’m going to attempt to share the music that is catching my ears currently.

This will not necessarily be NEW releases, in fact, some will be quite old.  Consider this a Blog version of a radio show hosted by yours truly.  A way to share music that I find enjoyable, with all my friends online.

So, here goes:

1) Vampire Weekend-Ruby Soho (Rancid cover)

I love me a good cover, and to me, part of a good cover means taking a song, and making it your own.  Vampire Weekend, with their catchy east-coast prep/Paul Simon sound, have done just that, with one of the most well known punk anthems of the 90’s.

This is DEFINITELY not the typical punk sound of a Rancid song, however, if you get past that, I find it to be a really enjoyable cover.

2) Alkaline Trio-This Addiction
Kind of a bummer that this album leaked so far in advance, can’t wait to get my copy on vinyl.  In the mean time, here is the first single off the album of the same title.  I get to see Alkaline Trio and Cursive live two days after the new Alkaline Trio album is released, so I will definitely report back on how the new songs sound live.  Pretty stoked.

3) Owen-Good Friends, Bad Habits

This comes from Owen’s (Mike Kinsella) late 2009 release New Leaves.  This is one of my best friend’s favorite artists, and I fell in love with Owen’s lyrics and music through doing a really rad radio show with said best friend.  I was a little late snagging this album, but it has taken up a good majority of spins in the first month or so of 2010.

4) Brand New- Jesus Christ
I finally got the pleasure of seeing these guys a few weeks ago here in Denver.  It was a make-up show for one they were scheduled to play back in November, and boy did they make it up.  Playing nearly a 2 hour set, (roughly 1 hour 45 min).  Seeing them live has reawakened my love for their 2 latest albums.  They are one of the rare bands from my high school days that has grown and changed their directions quite drastically, and it sounds darn good in my opinion.

5) SNL- Dave Grohl, Bill Heder, Ashton Kutcher, Fred Armison: Middle Aged Punks

This sketch from SNL is brilliant.  Trust me, you just have to watch it.

Thanks all, I’m going to try to post this type of stuff regularly.  I really miss doing a radio show every week and this seems like a good alternative.  Thanks for tuning in!



  1. Sorry Geoffy, Vampire Weekend just leaves me with one “rancid” (haha!) taste in my mouth.
    Really though, those preppy tunes don’t hit the spot.

    I’ll just scroll down for a little Thermals to heal.

  2. I love your blog, so I wanted to share some love and award you with the Sunshine Blog Award! Keep up the great posts yo 🙂

  3. I’m just sitting at home and I finally got around to listening to these songs — which then made me cry! I so miss having you around to recommend great music that I have never heard of, but end up loving… Thank you for this! It reminds me of days in the PRSSA office listening to the Pulse.

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